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Our Services

  • Tree Removal

  • Tree Pruning

  • Land Clearing

  • Vista Openings

  • Storm Damage

  • Firewood Delivery

  • Monthly Stump Grinding


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Reasons why we are a huge asset to the world of Arboriculture and your Trees.

We are highly skilled professional tree climbers. Many companies struggle to find competent climbers to perform tasks unsuitable for bucket trucks, aerial lifts or cranes. We on the other hand, do it day in and day out; it's in our blood and our countless customers can vouch for that. Our skills are our biggest asset and we specialize in formal training. We have the most up-to-date climbing equipment and utilize our skills, knowledge, and climbing technology to safely remove trees in areas unfit for heavy machinery. Our open-minded and honest approach informs the customer of the necessary or more appropriate equipment for the job. Often times these invasive machines are not needed; however, many companies utilize them to upsell a job in order to justify its costly expense.  Schedule a FREE ESTIMATE TODAY and see what options are available for your tree care needs.  (845-417-7976)

Spikeless prunings

The advantages of climbing trees without Gaffs is that we gain full access to the interior of the tree.  This access allows 360 degrees of mobility without causing any unnecessary puncture wounds or damage to the tree that would invite disease and insect infestation.  This technique enables us to make proper pruning cuts back to the branch collar which allows for the tree to heal more effectively.  Many times bucket trucks cannot access the stem of the tree due to healthy branches impeding them from moving through the canopy without causing damage to healthy vegetation.  Additionally, aerial lifts are extremely heavy and apply thousands of pounds of pressure in small areas where the outriggers meet the surface. The pressure of their outriggers even with padding can many times cause the substrate to depress thus causing blacktop, concrete or pavers to fail and crack.  Aerial lifts also need adequate space to set up their downriggers which extends much further out than the width of the machine. If adequate space is not available it usually results in compromising other landscape vegetation or  causing harm to other parts of the property. Our ability to recognize all other vegetation and anything we see as "hazards" sets us apart from the competition.  We don't sacrifice our technique for speed, instead we strategize and execute every piece to ensure all other parts of your property are protected and cared for!  As one client stated "we look like ballerina's with chainsaws!"  

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